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Why You Should Buy Cooking Mystery Books in Print

cooking mystery books

Cooking mystery books are one of my favorite categories. I love anything written by Agatha Christie, or any mystery lover in general. The thrill and the excitement of trying to figure out what is inside a donut shop is just too much to handle for some people. There are many cooking mystery novels available that are perfect for solving such puzzles.

An Overview

I’m a big fan of Agatha Christie’s “A Few Good Men”. I devour her short stories and novels. She has more cooking mysteries than anyone else I know of. She has many collections of short stories and novels, but she always came out with a few good ones that I always enjoyed.

The publishing order of Agatha Christie’s books had a lot of irregularities. One of them was that she often wrote one book many years after the other, which caused all her stories to be inconsistent in terms of time travel. This was a great disadvantage on her part, as we all know how time-warped everything in her tales. Anyway, in her cases it didn’t have anything to do with the writing order, but was more about the writing format itself. You can see this happening in her early “A Few Good Men” novels where Colette and Pip borrow a cake from a shop in an alternate timeline.

Best Books Of Millennium

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There are some more modern examples of Colette and Pip’s adventures in her “A Clergyman’s daughter” series of cozy mystery novels. In these, time isn’t an issue and you can easily jump between times. Colette and Pip are older and in need of younger companionship. This is where their adventures enter the picture. These novels have earned a huge popularity among mystery fans.

The other advantage of reading “A Few Good Men” and other Colette-Pip novels is that they’re just plain fun to read. If you like your romance plots with a touch of humor, Colette and Pip’s novels will certainly entertain you. These stories have all the hallmarks of classic diner mysteries. Mystery writer Marilyn Frye is responsible for most of them and if you haven’t read any of her novels, I highly recommend you do.

I have personally enjoyed reading many of Colette and Pip’s short story collections. They’re just plain fun to read. I especially enjoyed one in particular, called “The Donut Shop Mystery”, which is probably my favorite short story collection. In this one, a man named Ben Corbin stumbles into a donut shop while out jogging one night and gets into a bit of a ruckus with the manager. Along the way, he gets taken hostage by the manager’s assistant, though Ben manages to escape.

Dont Miss These Ones

Once I had decided that I wanted a Colette-Pip book, I went to the library and picked up several of them in various formats. The first was their hard copy series that was published in the United Kingdom. I’m not a big fan of hardcovers but I admit that the United Kingdom has some great collection of them. My next choice was an American edition of their candlemaking mystery books that came out in 2009. The second was a British edition of the same series and the third, a non-fiction book that was published in the United Kingdom.

As it turns out, Colette and Pip’s candlemaking mysteries books are now available in an eBook format. This is a fantastic idea because not only are you able to obtain a nice assortment of their stories in an easy to read format, but they’re also all available in PDF format. Now, you might be asking yourself why someone would want to buy Colette and Pip’s mystery books in PDF format when you can get the same quality of story and writing in print as you can with PDF. The answer is simple. If you love their writing and can’t buy their books in print, you can always download their eBook for a small fee and read them from your computer at home.


Now that you know why it’s important to buy mystery book in print, you should realize that this format makes a great gift for someone you know that’s into crafts and loves to read.

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