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Why Harmons Cooking Classes Are A Class Apart

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Why Harmons Cooking Classes Are A Class Apart

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Harmons have been a prominent Utah purveyor of all the things that are edible since 1932. The stores aesthetically and architecturally reflect the immediate neighborhoods that they are built into. Seven of Harmons’ locations partner in a specific pointed offering to the Utah foodie scene: the Harmons’ Cooking Class Program. From the Mediterranean Mezze to the French Macarons the cooking series maintain a culturally and contemporary diverse offerings of the instructional classes. Our time in the stylish Harmons test kitchen at their massive City Creek flagship stores feels more like an edible experience than just a mere educational endeavor lending to the appeal of this program. It has a modern and open kitchen which is surrounded by a large stainless steel dining array sets the scene for our courses.

Include Culinary Education So That The Public Knows About The Great Works Of Our Chefs

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The cooking school chefs do bring a great deal of education and experience to the table. The chefs in this school also make their own course curriculum. Every school has autonomy to make the classes a specific community wants and what it is asking for. With the occasional snag also comes the highly personal touch. The biggest challenge is to stay up to date with what is trending in food before it gets in the market. The class is known for its beautiful floral arrangements, ice-breaking chatter and fresh seasonal décor and refreshments. This also includes the personalized wine and beverage service.

The course reads like a clever and acculturated way so that you can spend your weekend evening or a midweek date night. The instructors that are present offer a step by step walk through before the attendees are released to the different state of the art stove tops so that they can reproduce the highlighted recipes of the evening.

Staying Up To Date On What’s Trending In Food Can Be A Big Challenge

The Mediterranean Mezze course class had a two-course overview of both the infusion dishes and the classic dishes. It included seared scallops over a harissa-carrot puree, quinoa tabbouleh, light sweet citrus dessert salad. Each of the attendees observed how each of these dishes were made and then they were sent into breakout triads so that they can recreate the menu with the help of an instructor. The air was filled with the aroma of freshly ground basil that the attendees were chopping.

The dishes were quite easy to make because of the exception of the stubbornly sticky scallops. In many of the classes the members also enjoy the fruits of their labor in the third act. It is because here they can join the dining table to eat the meal that they have made together. The best part about this course is that of social interactions around the table. Where the members get the opportunity to connect with friends and new acquaintances and finish the meal as well.

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