The Best Kitchen Knives Set -

The Best Kitchen Knives Set

The Best Kitchen Knives Set

Kitchen knives are one of the essential parts of a complete kitchen. Having the best knives set for cooking is one of the dreams of every chef. Most of the time, kitchen knives are very personal. Because the set of knives for the kitchen are chosen based on comfort, palm-size, and experience of using the knives.

A kitchen knife has two major parts, i.e. the holder and the steel. The steel consists of (from top to bottom) point, tip, edge, blade, spine, heel, and the bolster. The holder includes butt, rivet and the tang. 

The Best Kitchen Knives Set
The Best Kitchen Knives Set

One must remember the following things before buying the best knife set for the kitchen.

Types Of Knife: Knives Set For Kitchen

Knives are of two major types — first, German and second, Japanese. Japanese knife has a sharper and thinner blade. German knives are more substantial and thicker. Moreover, German knives are more durable than Japanese ones. One must buy the right type of knife while keeping the comfort and safety measures in mind.

German knife has the angle of 20-22 degrees. On the other hand, a Japanese knife has an angle of 15-20 degrees. The German ones have rounded edge which helps the rocking style of cutting. However, a Japanese one has a straighter edge that allows for smoother cutting. German knives are more substantial than the Japanese ones. The steel of a Japanese one is typically harder than most of the other blades. On the other hand, steel of German knives is on the softer side.

Quality Of Knife-handle

The handle should be solidly attached and shouldn’t loosen after a few rounds of use. The blade can be of metal, plastic or raisin. The material of the handle should be durable, and it should hold the edge tightly. The rivet should be reliable. To avoid unprecedented or unwanted circumstances while using a knife, one must keep these criteria of a good quality knife-handle in mind before buying knives sets for kitchen.

The Best Kitchen Knives Set
The Best Kitchen Knives Set

Quality Of Blade

Most knives are either stamped or forged. Using the forged ones are laborious, and they are usually costlier than the stamped ones. On the other hand, the stamped ones are machine-made.

The Size Of The Knife

One should feel comfortable while using a knife. The size of the knife must be chosen based on the comfort of the user. The eight-inch blade is often considered right. But the size may vary based on the size of the palm. For a standard palm, an eight-inch edge is easy to control. Moreover, this particular size of knife is comfortable to hold for a long time. An eight-inch knife can finely chop a bunch of coriander, as well as a chunk of chicken breast.

The Best Brands Of Knives Set For Kitchen

The famous brands of knives set for the kitchen are mentioned here. They are Zyluss, Victorinox Fibrox, J.A. Henckels international, Wusthof Classic and Zwilling Euroline Essential Collections. So next time when you buy knives set for kitchen remember the names of the best brands.

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