Note Down Some Of The Best Recipes From Different Books On Cooking -

Note Down Some Of The Best Recipes From Different Books On Cooking

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Did your food doesn’t taste well? Do you want to try some new recipes? You usually cook normal food every day, but sometimes you would also need some change. If you are passionate about cooking, you might feel that cooking is not mixing things on heat. It is an art, and cooking is all about fun, taste, and happiness. There are various books on cooking which are available through which you can learn so many new recipes which you can try in your everyday cooking. These books are written by some famous chefs, where they do not share the recipes but also their experience, which can make you learn a lot in cooking.

Let’s see some of the best books on cooking that can make you try so many new dishes with great taste and flavor. 

Kitchen Confidential Books On Cooking

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It is one of the famous books by Anthony Bourdain. This book was all about telling you the incidences and actions in the kitchens of massively acclaimed restaurants. In this book, you would get to know some of the actual experiences he got working in different restaurants. Also, this book tells a lot about Anthony’s journey from a chef, writer to a lovely human. It also includes some of his famous cuisine recipes, which he made In his kitchen. 

On Food And Cooking

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This is a classic kitchen book, where you would find about the various food and where they come from. In this book, you can learn about transforming your food into a new and delicious way and treating food as an art. In this book, Harold McGee has included some traditional and modern methods of cooking food. It can give you an excellent understanding of different food items which other people use. 

Bread & Wine

This book on cooking is all about food and cooking. It can also give you an excellent storyline to find how food brings all of them together. In the way the book is written, it acts like an old friend telling you the story with some delicious food recipes. Also, by the end of this book, you can find some great experiences shared by Niequist.  

We Laugh, We Cry, We Cook

A great duo wrote this book of mother and daughter. This book defines the bond they have with each other and the experiences they had collected throughout the years. You would find several dishes in the book, starting from some delicious dishes to preparing a meal for her sick friend. This book would include great experiences to read for the mother and daughter duo. 

Blood, Bones & Butter

Gabrielle Hamilton has opened some of the highly successful restaurants in New York. In this book, you would find her various experiences, her mother’s kitchen, and the hospitality she received from multiple people from different countries like France, Greece, and Turkey. In this book, you can get to know her connection with her mother with some tasty recipes and food. 


You can get to know about some of the best recipes from these books of cooking with some great experiences shared by these chefs and great artists of food.

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