Easy Pizza Dough: Super Easy To Make For Family Trip

Easy Pizza Dough: Super Easy To Make For Family Trip

As I sit here typing this article, it’s around five o’clock in the morning. You could be sitting at home in your pajamas with an easy pizza dough crust that would make Grandma proud. In my mind’s eye, she might be telling me about how great it was to have a simple and fast way to prepare the toppings of her chicken salad and tomato soup and how it gave her the opportunity to have everyone over for dinner without worrying about her meal.

When my little one turned two, we immediately decided to try some easy pizza dough to see if it would work. My kids decided that this was fun and they wanted to get involved and give the pizza dough a try.

Easy Pizza Dough: Super Easy To Make For Family Trip
Easy Pizza Dough: Super Easy To Make For Family Trip

Easy Pizza Dough

Since they are so young, we got out our trusty digital pocket calculator and started off with some quick math. We figured that if they were going to use the dough to make a pizza, it was a good time to try to get a handle on the math.

According to my kids, an average child can add, subtract, multiply, and divide. They didn’t think that they could handle the subtraction part, which was one of the biggest reasons that they were hungry after their last snack. And, we don’t blame them. It was about 6:00 p.m. and all they had for food was a carrot stick and maybe a little fruit.

We stuck to the use of the dough and it seemed like they got better with practice. You may be thinking that just because they put the numbers down on paper, they were using their hands a little more than they did before. We are aware that there is a big difference between just putting a number down and actually doing it.

Making Easy Pizza

The children in our family just got better at this using easy pizza dough. They seem to be making it more like dough from a box or from a store, and I guess, they are starting to get a bit better at math and are not only starting to learn subtraction but addition as well.

There are many different options when it comes to making your own pizza dough. I did a little research into which one was the best, and it seemed like every website had something to say about that. But, we decided that for my daughter’s birthday, we decided to go for the easy pizza dough.

Know More

We went to Home Depot and found some easy pizza dough and added some ingredients to it. We made a batch and had it for dinner tonight. It turned out great.

To make easy pizza dough, you will need a large bowl or even a large mixing bowl. You’ll also need a microwave-safe bowl, and you’ll need a container with a lid that can seal shut. Make sure that you seal the lid on the container to prevent the leaking of your dough.

Then, you’ll need to mix up the dough. For the dough to be ready to use, it needs to be totally chilled and have a stiff enough consistency that it will hold its shape when it is in the dough bowl.

Bottom Line

Easy Pizza Dough: Super Easy To Make For Family Trip
Easy Pizza Dough: Super Easy To Make For Family Trip

Once you’ve mixed up the dough, it’s time to get to work. All you want to do is to start with the crust, then move to the toppings and finish with the cheese, and then you’re done.

That’s really all there is to making easy pizza dough. Your kids are going to love your homemade pizza!

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