Different Types Of Cooking Methods:

Different Types Of Cooking Methods

Cooking food is a work of art. It requires practice and time to master the skills. There are many different types of cooking methods. These methods help make cooking easier and taste delicious. Some cooking methods are listed below:

Different Types Of Cooking Methods:
Different Types Of Cooking Methods:

Deep Fry Cooking:

This is a method where you have to put oil in a heavy bottom pan and completely fry the food portion until it is cooked from inside and has a beautiful golden color at the outside. For example, chicken wings which we eat are entirely deep-fried and have a crunchy outer coating.

Steam Cooking:

To steam cook food we need to place it in a steamer over hot boiling water or any liquid which the recipe requires. The meals cooked from the steam released from the water. For example, Momos are usually prepared using this method. It is easy and quick to food using this process.


For boiling, we do it in water typical. The food submerged in hot boiling water which is at a temperature of 212 degrees Fahrenheit. The food or vegetable is cooked in the water until it is soft from inside, and then the water is drained. Boil food is good for health and requires fewer fats and spices. It is the most straight forward form of cookings, and it gets digested quickly.


In this form of cookings the oil is added to the pan up to an inch so that the oil touches the food surface only — the food than is flipped and cooked through from both sides. For example, a burger patty is cooked in a pan fry technique, and the patty absorbs less oil. It has a crunchy outer surface and melts in your mouth, which is so satisfying.


It’s a quick-cooking method, and you get your meal in no time. This method involves cooking food in a thin layer of oil for a few minutes until the food is tender enough. The cooking of food is done on a medium to high flame. For example, when you want to eat veggies without destroying its nutrients, you can use this method of cooking.


Everyone is familiar with this term. Baking doesn’t only involve preparation of cakes or cookie; you can also bake your meal too. It’s done in an oven until the cake or food is cooked to perfection. In some cases, you have to preheat the oven and then bake the food. You have to be careful while placing and taking out the dish from the oven. For baking, there are different utensils used which makes the job much more comfortable.

Different Types Of Cooking Methods:
Different Types Of Cooking Methods:

Poach Cooking:

This is quite a complicated method of cooking. To poach a food item, you have to place it in hot boiling water at the temperature of 160 degrees and completely submerge the food in water until cook. The best example of poaching is eggs.

Hopefully, these technique of cookings will help you, and you can even include two methods to cook a dish.

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