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Different Cooking Methods You Should Know About

Different Cooking Methods You Should Know About

We all love eating, most of Americans do! No matter what we do, if you supplement that task with food, you can do the work more easily. Now, though we love eating, one thing that we hate doing is cooking.

Cooking as we know, can be tedious sometimes and get you bored. It is an art of preparing food that is suitable for consumption. You can prepare food in different ways. It is dependent upon the kind of food that we are trying to prepare. If you are planning to prepare fish, you might want to fry it. And if it is a cake, you might want to bake it.

Today in this article, we shall be talking about different cooking methods and explain them to you. Read on to know more.

1. Cooking Methods – Roasting

Different Cooking Methods You Should Know About
Different Cooking Methods You Should Know About

Roasting is a cooking method in which the food is heated at high temperatures. To roast something, you would typically place the food in a vessel and treat it with dry heat. The heat will have a minimum temperature of over 150 degrees Celsius. The most common foods that can be roasted include meats, and some forms of vegetables like potatoes, pumpkin, parsnips, cauliflower, etc.

The source of heat can be anything from a flame, an oven, or another similar thing. The most common equipment used for roasting is a rack, a roasting pan or a similar thing that ensures uniform application of heat. If you are cooking large amounts of meat together, then roasting can be done at temperatures varying between 95 to 160 degrees Celsius.

2. Baking

Baking is another form of cooking food that is normally done in ovens. While you bake something, the following things happen simultaneously. When you increase the temperature, most of the fat will melt and microorganisms in the food die.

If there are any liquids in the food items, even that gets evaporated and even the enzymes get denatured. Moreover, some of the nutrients contained in the food will also change to different forms.

Some of the most common food items that can be baked include bread, cakes, cookies, and similar other items. Baking has commercial application in several bakeries and catering centers. For that purpose, there are special commercial baking ovens.

3. Cooking Methods – Frying

Different Cooking Methods You Should Know About
Different Cooking Methods You Should Know About

Frying is another cooking method that produces some of the tastiest food items. However, this form of cooking also faces a lot of criticism due to the side effects that it has on human health. If you eat fried items, you are more prone to several heart-related diseases as it increases the fat content. This also results in obesity and makes you gain a lot of weight.

To fry a food item, you put oil into a frying pan and heat it to high temperatures. Once you have the oil boiling, you put the unprocessed food item into the boiling oil and fry the item to turn it into crispy one. Some of the most common fried items include potato chips, tofus, French fries, and other similar items. The frying process is fast and quick. This is the reason that a lot of businesses depend upon frying as their preferred method of cooking food.

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