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3 Best French Cooking Books Of All Time To Master The Art

Food and recipes are an art and if you want to be a great artist you need to follow the instructions of great people. French cuisine is one of the most loved and greatest of all time. The art of cooking comes from the heart and if you want to become an expert in learning the art of preparing finger-licking food, you need to check out these best French cooking books of all time. If you read these books, there is a higher chance that you will emerge as a more professional cook. 

The Julia Child’s Best Selling French Cooking Book

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Mastering the Art of French Cooking is a best-selling cooking book by Julia Child that she had published in 1961. The book is the first book that is brought to the forefront of Americans to enhance their creativity in creating French cuisines the way they are meant to be. The recipes and the food items along with the description of the ingredients is not an easy job to understand by laymen. Nevertheless, it is an absolute treat to acknowledge and learn the basics of French cooking. If you are a professional chef or aim to be one, this book is a must read for you. 

The French Cooking Bible To Learn The Art Of Cooking


If you are aiming towards achieving perfection in French cooking, there is nothing such instruction that is not mentioned in the World’s Greatest Culinary Encyclopedia. It has received a lot of accolades and you can rely on it to get a better picture of unique French cuisines. The food habits of a specific state can vary from being the staple food to be the demand of a particular dish. You can follow this book to master both of them and it would be a great experience learning a variety of things about the French cuisine.

Greenspan’s French Cooking Books 

Greenspan’s book, ‘Around My French Table’ is a must read because it is penned very personally by her. She had also made a point to mention that her whole writing a book experience is more private because she feels as if writing about the food is like coming from her own kitchen. ‘Around My French Table’ comes with a handwritten tip and bits about every individual recipe.

She mentions essential kitchen, as well as storage tips to help people manage their kitchen space. Even if she prepares a French cuisine which is much alike to one of the American dishes, she would make it a point to explain the difference in between them. This French cooking book is also a must read for people who want to learn French cooking seriously. 


Cooking is an art and mastering it would require enough effort and dedication like you might do in any other field. Enhancing your cooking experience will help you gain more confidence to face the huge competition. If you want to master the art, consciously follow everything that you find of importance in these books.

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